Jessica Ariane

Jessica Ariane

It is always amazing to do featured post on photographers, yet we have the amazing opportunity to interview Jessica Ariane, who is an amazing make up artist and hair artist. We get to see how she combines our white swan dress for girl and style the model to make it perfect shot for the photographer. 

By no means is there anything easy about what she does. Using different brushes, palettes, and accessories to create allure and symmetry for the model to make the outfit like our white swan dress for girl really pop in the photos! We are so delighted to get this perspective from someone like Jessica! We conducted this interview so you can get insight about an amazing artist such as herself. 

Jessica Ariane Interview

SC: Who would you like - living or historical, imaginary or real would you like to make-up, why and what make over would you give them and why?

Jessica: Living..It would most likely be Angela Bassett. She’s such a beautiful woman.

Historically...It would have to be Princess Diana -Princess of Wales.
I think both women represent so much class and grace in their own unique way. I would simply make give them a makeup look to enhance their natural beauty!

SC: What is the most fun about your work and what is the least fun?

Jessica: The most fun thing about my work is being able to transform people and boost their confidence. The least fun is constantly having to deep clean hundreds of dirty makeup brushes! - It’s not an option though!

SC: " Which make up artist in the world would you like to do your make up and why?"

Jessica: I would love for celebrity makeup artist “Sam Fine” to do my makeup. He is truly a master at his craft and I have attended several of his classes. I truly admire him!

SC: "What would you tell your younger self ?"

Jessica: I would tell my younger self : Don’t take yourself so seriously all the time. Relax and laugh often!

SC: "If you could create a totally new make up trend what would it be ?

Jessica: I’m not certain there is trend that can be created that hasn’t already been done. What I would like to see come back however, is natural, soft, -let your freckles show- makeup. My Instagram feed is flooded with beautiful girls wearing too much makeup! It’s often times unnecessary. :)

Stunning interview with Jessica! She is a role model for many young ladies to keep their creativity and passion constantly in their lives. We hope to see her pair Stella Cove outfits like our white swan dress for girl and her beautiful make up artistry in shoots to come. We thank her for being one of our featured artist and wish her much more success in her career! 

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