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"Classic Stella Cove Hair and Makeup Artist Renée Loiz"

We are going back with some classic Stella Cove Features of our girls swimwear! Renée Loiz, an amazing Hair and Make Up artist, is our featured post from previous works like our perfectly purple pineapple prints! She accentuates our cute girls beachwear and swimwear to make the photographs job so much easier! Renée makes the children have a fun time as they transform with her artistry! Pairing different hair styles and accents with cute girls beachwear is been keep her as a master of her craft! Having done collaborations with many magazines, she has been creating art for a sea of eyes to read! Cute girls beachwear, swimwear, and special occasion clothing all look better after Renée puts her special mark on the models! We wanted to get inside the mind of Renée and see how such an amazing person thinks and works. We of course asked a few questions in this featured post!

Stella Cove interview with photographer Renee Loiz

Renée Loiza Interview

SC: If you could do the make up and hair of one person living or historical, real or imaginary, who would it be, why and what kind of make over would you give them?
Renée: I would love to do a modern makeover on both Pippi Longstocking and Punky Brewster! Actually…this could be a cool photoshoot idea...

Stella Cove interview with photographer Renee Loiz

SC: Who would you like to do your make up and why?
Renée: I would love Pat McGrath to do my makeup, not only because she’s an amazing artist, but also to learn her techniques and talk about life with her.

Stella Cove interview with photographer Renee Loiz

SC: What make up trend would you like to create as the new craze?
Renée: Eyebrows brushed backwards…it actually looks kind of cool!

Stella Cove interview with photographer Renee Loiz

SC: If you could create one make up item in your name what would it be and why?
Renée: Foundation to match every skin tone. I don’t understand why all makeup companies don’t have foundations for everyone. Boggles my mind.
SC: I personally happen to think make up can really have a positive effect on how a person views themselves. If you agree, do you have a favorite anecdote to illustrate this?
Agata: I totally agree! When a client looks in the mirror after I’ve done their makeup and says they love it or this has made their day is one of the best reactions you can get!

Stella Cove interview with photographer Renee Loiz

SC: What would you tell your younger self?
Renée: Push through and finish what you start even if it may not have a positive ending.

Genuine and honest interview with Renée and we get some insight into the artist! She doesn't sugar coat it and makes it easy to see how she became so great! Maybe we can see our cute girls beachwear in a collaboration for our next collection. Having such talent only makes the team work better and Renée surely does her part. Stay tuned to see promotions and giveaways that may include girls swimwear and our cute girls beachwear!

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