Alix Martinez!

Alix Martinez!

Once again we have be given the opportunity to work with an amazing photographer. This featured photographer post is dedicated to Alix Martinez! She is absolutely stunning as a person and her work speaks volumes. Capturing beautiful shots of cute girls swimwear or luxury board shorts! Taking shots on the beach, pool and even underwater, Alix makes her pictures come to life! She had recently shot some photos for us and made everything look phenomenal, especially our luxury board shorts! Not many photographer go the extra mile like she does. We were so delighted to be able to have an interview with her and see a little inside the mind of the MARVELOUS Alix Martinez!


Alix Martinez Interview

Are there any photos which stand out in your life as having moved you the most and if so why?

I think every photo stands out to me. The images are stories to me, and come in waves. Once the story is over I am on to creating the next one.
Luxury Board Shorts

Do you listen to music when you’re working, if yes, what kind?
IT depends on the job and time crunch I am on. If I have time to work on something special I definitely listen to music. Mostly British music. Blur, Stone Roses, The The ect. 
Luxury Board Shorts
Do you know what a finished piece of work looks like or does it develop as you work?
I feel like I know when an image is done, but sometimes If I look at an image a few weeks later I think, shoot I should have done that or made that change. 
Luxury Board Shorts
What's the best part of the process? What’s the most challenging part?
The before part is the best for me. I love coming up with a theme/story, and planning all the details. Shooting tends to be the easier part once all the details are aligned.
luxury board shorts
One of the many things we appreciate about your photos is that your subject seems to have the courage, when in your shoot, to let a emanate a more personal part of themselves. The photo looks very honest. How do you manage to make this happen?
Thank you. so I try to make my subject feel comfortable, to laugh, speak to them, have them move around. 
luxury board shorts
If you could photograph anyone in the world who would it be, also how would you style them?
 I love to photograph children and teens with a big personality. so it would be anyone that is fun and likes to laugh and have a good time- it makes my job so much easier. 
What would you tell your younger self?
To relax, have fun and not take things too seriously. 
What do you think is the role of photography today? 
To entertain and to showcase a story. 
luxury board shorts
What hopes do you have for your works the moment you release them into the world? How do you wish for them to affect people?
I always hope people will be entertained by my work, and that there is a little bit of emotion in there whether it comes from the eyes or the expression.
luxury board shorts
What advice do you have for any new photographers?
Keep at it, don’t give up. Practice your craft everyday even if it is just with an iPhone. As your eyes needs to be trained.
Well there you have it. Alix delivers a great interview, very true to what her images portray! Shots with our luxury board shorts and other great items have been all over our Instagram, Facebook and other social media outlets! She makes it very easy to appreciate all hard work! We hope to see her capture many more shots of our girls beachwear and luxury board shorts in the future! A big thank you to Alix Martinez once again for her phenomenal works!