The Wonderful Wanda Kujacz

The Wonderful Wanda Kujacz

 The marvelous photographer Wanda Kujacz is who we can credit to elevating our girls fashion, beachwear and swimwear to new heights! We can never thank her enough for taking our girls fashion and making it a statement within the beachwear and swimwear communities across the globe. Her influences and personality truly are portrayed in her photoshoots. Several of our beautiful items in various collections have are proof of how impactful she has been. Wanda is the reason why a picture is worth 1,000 words! 

We've decided to interview our amazing photographer and get a bit more insight on who Wanda is behind the camera. Not only do we want to enjoy her energy, but most definitely let the rest of the Stella Cove community shows her the same amount of love! Our Interview with Wanda begins as she gives us insight on what inspires to become an elite photographer in girls fashion!

Stella Cove:  The first time I saw one of your photos, it instantly became a piece of my heart. Are there any photos which stand out in your life as having moved you the most and if so why ? 

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Wanda : Oh my goodness ! This is so sweet !!! Thank you. When I was young, I was really touched by the work of Sarah Moon. Very pure, poetic and authentic.
I remember having tried to collect her work for Cacharel, to feed my heart. 

SC : When I see your photos I kind hear music too. Do you listen to music when you are working and if so what music ?
Wanda : I can t work without music. When there is no music on the photoshoots I need to sing !!
The music I choose to listen to depends on the mood I am and the mood I would
like to blow to the images I am creating.
It is amazing to see how she takes girls fashion photography and brings it to life to the point that the pictures and poetic! Wanda never fails to exceed our expectations. She now gives us an idea on how she works when producing a final product for her girls fashion shoots.

Girls Fahsion from Stella Cove on Vimeo.

SC : Do you know what a finished piece of work will look like when you start or does it develop as you work ?
Wanda : I don t.  I know what I would like, I know what I am supposed to do (clients wishes) but ... the images take my hand and guide me where they want :)

Wanda is truly a free spirit! very in-tuned to the girls fashion world and can anticipate what her clients will love! 
SC : What's the best part of the process ? What is the most challenging part ?
Wanda : The best parts of the process for me is first when I am alone in my studio, with the outfits I have to shoot. I lay them on the floor, and I imagine looks.
I like this part because I feel free to play, to compose, to add this and this, to use this item that way, etc I just play
then the second part I like is when I m alone again, with my computer, composing the images, the same, playing to add this colour here, some red here, some more yellow there,... Just like a cooker or a chief in his kitchen, adding more salt, more pepper, etc 

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Why is praise so much is because she has the models as a blank canvas and uses the clothing to speak for the pictures. Her girls fashion photographers all contain things which are a signature of hers.
SC : One of the many things I love about your photos is that your subjects seem to have the courage, when in your shoot, to let emanate a more personal part of themselves. The portraits look very honest. How do you manage to make this happen ?
Wanda : Oh My !!! This is the first time I am told this !! And I feel very touched , because this is my aim, to be honest to me and with me, I mean the little girl in me. 
Most of the pictures I create even for commissioned works are not far from auto portrait and always something personal, from personal feeling, from my personal story, etc... I am really connected to this little girl in me because she is my best friend :)
Girls fashion is animated by the simple shutter of a camera when Wanda is at work! She inspires girls to be bold and courageous as seen in most of her shoots!
SC :  If you could photograph anyone in the world right now who would it be, why and how would you style them ?
Wanda : WOW !!! May you grant my wishes ??
Sting, Mylène Farmer (french singer), Charlotte Gainsbourg (french actress and signer) and Karl Lagerfeld. I have loved them for such a long time. They all inspire me. They make me the harder to grow and always improve. So I really want to compose something for them. 


Even in the girls fashion world, heroes have heroes! Wanda looks up to people who have accomplish a lot in the life an aspires to do the same!

SC : What would you tell your younger self ?

Wanda : I love you, never forget that. and never stop talking to me, because your words are my next steps.

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SC: What do you think the role of photography is today ?
Wanda : There are many kinds of photography.  I would say that the role of a picture could be to TOUCH the watcher, and make him different even for some seconds.
I think of war pictures or conflicts zones pictures that open our minds, that reveal us a part of ourself because we all belong to the familly of Human Beings even if I can have some doubts regarding some individuals.
In some way, the same is true for Art photography. I like when they catch me and make me feel different even for some seconds maybe some days, by revealing me something that was hidden in myself, a whisper, an energy, a hope.
Wanda expresses that images she appreciates most are ones that reveal something that was inside of her which she thought was hidden. In her art, she allows her viewers of her girls fashion to feel the same way when they see different angles, backgrounds and styles that she crafts together. Her organic views make her photography something truly special.

SC : What hopes do you have for your works the moment you release them into the world ? How do you wish for them to affect people ?
Wanda : wish, aim, goal is to enchant the world with my images. This is my only prayer and mission.
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SC : What would you advice any new photographers ?
Wanda : ha ha ha ... the same advices I give to myself each morning : 
to themselves always be true
to listen to the little voice inside them (may take time to finally hear it :))
SC :  What would you advice anyone who would like to be photographed by you or in general ?
Wanda : To themselves always be true and honest
to try to be themselves very strongly, to have this courage
to let shine their unicity like a diamond.
Wanda isn't only revered for her excellent work in the girls fashion world, but her positivity and excellent out look on life is why our relationship is so strong! A phenomenal human being who spreads he passion and artistry through her photos. She keeps us inspired to make girls fashion ever transcending what the status quo wants it to be! We take the opportunity to thank Wanda Kujacz for everything she does.
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