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"Photographer Sara Pine floored us with her photo shoot"

We love seeing how different photographers capture our collection of girls swimwear. Our Featured Photographer is Sara Pine floored us with her shoot. She captured our girl bikini and swimsuit just in time for the start of summer! Shots of our girl bikini are on some unique backgrounds, angles, and watery locations. The models she used truly accentuated our girl bikini and beachwear to a whole new level! 

Sara has shot for us before in collaboration with magazines such as Mini Maven Magazine. The expectations were already high for her to deliver. She does an amazing job in the way she captures the angles in the shot. Her personality truly comes through in her photo. It is always a pleasure to see our girl bikini in an image which makes this photo that much more spectacular! We had to get a glimpse inside the mind of Sara Pine so as we do with all of our featured photographers, we had a little interview! Our girl bikini, swimsuit, and beachwear are in this weeks art, but let us see her overall outlook.

Interview with photographer Sara Pine

Sara Pine Interview

SC: Who would you like to photograph? Living / historical person, real or imaginary? Why would you like to shoot that person and how would you like to shoot them?
Sara: I would LOVE to photograph my parents when they were children in the eras in which they grew up! My mother was a stunning blonde twin with hair to her waist and a face that could melt any man’s heart (and did). Donned in their high waist- ed jeans and 60’s print dresses, the family of six could often be found bonding on a road trip in their wood panelled Chevy wagon or working at my grandfather’s hamburger stand. It would take an incredible prop stylist to match the authenticity of that childhood! My Papa, on the other hand, grew up in a Jewish household on the streets of Long Island! Always the life (and prankster) of the schul, the future Dr. Pine had a quick wit and always a little more to love (body and heart)! You couldn’t find him without a musical instrument in hand, surrounded by a crowd of people captivated by his charm.

SC: If you had to pick one photograph which has moved you in your life, what would it be?
Sara: Henri Cartier-Bresson’s “VALENCIA” - pictured below. I’ve adored this image for ages. Shot in 1933 in Valencia, Spain - the story goes that, despite the meloncholy evocation of the final piece, the actual set up was quite simple: someone threw a ball into the air and asked the little model to catch. I love the juxtaposition of the simple story of that shot’s reality versus the timeless impact of the final capture. Bresson’s iconic work defined photojournalism as a fine art practice - perfect timing, perfect composition, perfect everything. He saw the world through his lens, and shared authentic stories in a way that only he could see and deconstruct.

Interview with photographer Sara Pine

SC: Who would you like to shoot you and why?
Sara: I am terrible in front of the camera! However, if I had to...I would love to be photographed by one of the greats. Herb Ritts, Avedon, Helmet Newton! In fabulous and elegant clothing, of course - a far departure from my daily uniform of black jeans and a white t-shirt.

Interview with photographer Sara Pine

SC: What would you say to your younger self?
Sara: Girl, don’t stress about eating the carbs! Your metabolism won’t be the same when you get older! Enjoy it while you can!

Interview with photographer Sara Pine

SC: What is the best moment in shooting and what is the most challenging?
Sara: My team and I put alot of planning into each and every shoot. The best moment is when you start a set up, the image pops up on the monitor, and we all know that IT’S WORKING! Our collaboration has exceeded our expectations and the image is something really special! I love that feeling. And couldn’t get there without my crew. The most challenging is when a model that we’re working with arrives to set and we find out that he / she doesn’t actually like to model. I always suggest doing a live casting with kids prior to their arrival on set. The connection when photographing a little one has to be genuine, and if they don’t actually like modeling - it will be challenging to get eight to ten pages out of them!

Interview with photographer Sara Pine

SC: What advice would you give to young models?
Sara: Only do it if you love it! The reason I photograph children is that, unlike celebrities and models, the image ONLY works if the connection is authentic. You can’t fake it with kids. And they shouldn’t have to either.

Sara Pine is truly a stunning individual! She knows exactly how to wrap it up. Her out look, vision and understanding makes her a master of her craft! When she captures other models in pieces like our girl bikini, she sure to create the most beautiful artwork. Not only is she an amazing photographer, but is so beautiful to work with a genuine person. Sara we want to thank you once again for the fun time we had in this collaborations and will hope to reconnect in the future! New girl bikini, swimsuits, trunks and more will hopefully catch her to turn into art! Check out more pictures to come to our Instagram and see more styles like our girl bikini and Sara's amazing images!

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