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 Stella Cove gets the opportunity to work with many great photographers as the collections evolve each year! We have collaborated with amazing talents from countries like Belgium and France, however, its amazing to work with one close to us. We this great awesome opportunity, Nathan Blaney has become our latest featured photographer! Nathan and his camera have created amazing works in which Stella Cove children's beachwear has been the highlight! Like we do with great artist we love to conduct interviews to understand how these amazing images come together. Nathan was a joy to interview and review his phenomenal works as seen on his facebook! He surely used his surroundings and models to highlight our children's beachwear! 

Apart of what makes the shoot special is the amount of joy the children are having! Each shot looks organic and fun! This is part of why he is the featured photographer this time around! By no means it is easy to develop such a skill set the way Nathan Blaney has done. In this interview we do take the opportunity to get into the mind of the artist and see how they get to the finished piece. 

Nathan Blaney Interview:

Do you listen to music when you're working, if yes, what kind?

Almost always. I put the radio on in the studio, but often we listen to whatever the model has or prefers. 

Childrens Beachwear

Do you know what a finished piece of work looks like or does it develop as you work?

This is split pretty evenly. I sometimes am shooting with the idea of the images as “source material” to be manipulated later, but other times I know in advance what I want to create or what the client is asking for. In those cases, I can stage and style in advance to get exactly what’s needed. 

Childrens Beachwear

What's the best part of the process? What's the most challenging part?

The best part of my work is actually working with the models. The most challenging part is having the patience for post production and business tasks, such as calling clients, invoicing, etc - I MUCH prefer the creative part of the job!

Childrens Beachwear

 If you could photograph anyone in the world who would it be, also how would you style them?

I think I’m pretty lucky to get to shoot  a lot of incredible people on a regular basis, so its impossible to choose just one! 

Childrens Beachwear

What would you tell your younger self?

Pay attention and enjoy the things around you now, because in 20 years they could be gone.

Childrens Beachwear

What do you think is the role of photography today?

Photography is an integral part of seemingly everyone’s everyday life these days. Never before has photography been so easy and accessible to so many. We document our lives like no other generation has!

Childrens Beachwear

What hopes do you have for your works the moment you release them into the world? How do you wish for them to affect people?

 I always hope I’ve created work that satisfies my clients and brings them back again and again. 

What advice do you have for any new photographers? 

Dont just learn how to operate a camera, but learn to understand images. Investigate art in many mediums!

Childrens Beachwear


Thats all we have from the stupendous Nathan Blaney! He has captured our children's beachwear and swimwear phenomenally! We appreciate the time he took to get some many wonderful models and landscapes together to have a surely amazing shoot! He is an excellent artist which has help create vision and make his works so wonderful! We look forward to the next encounter with Nathan Blaney and stay tuned to the next featured photographer blog for someone just as amazing! Follow us on Instagram (@stellacove) and facebook (Stella Cove) to become apart of the community! 

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